Who we are?

Sangwa Job Training Center (SJTC) is limited company registered under Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Code Number: 103550546. SJTC tries to eradicate poverty and youth unemployment by engaging the youth in creating productive employments through professional and vocational education and training. Thus professional and vocational education and training help to increase youth’s capabilities so that the youth become induced to start their own productive jobs.

Our Mission

Enabling the youth to acquire competencies in line with productivity and employability and engaging them in generating productive employments.

Our Vision

Building knowledge based-communities. Productivity and youth employment is one of the Government of Rwanda’s pillars.

What we do?

Sangwa Job Training Center functions as a system involving a dynamic relationship between its units. These units shape a unison that contributes to the formation of a whole person who has to play a central role in building her/his knowledge-based community

Job Training Center

Community programmes are articulated around three components that students must practise to ensure that they create or get a decent job.

Production Units

Learning activities are organized around authentic and real world themes in such a way that students are given some degree of responsibility.

Trained Youth
New Jobs
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SJTC Members

Our Latest Courses

The Rwanda's Latest Job Training Center in creating productive employments.

5.1. Imfashanyigisho 5.2.Inshamake Ingurube ihaka amezi 3, ibyu.mweru 3, iminsi 3 : iminsi 114-116. Ingurube..

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4.1.Imfashanyigisho 4.2 Inshamake Inyagazi y’ingurube ya kijyambere yafashwe neza itangira kurinda ifite amezi 6..

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3.1. Imfashanyigisho 3.2. Inshamake Ingurube irya byose: ibyatsi, ibisigazwa byo mubuhinzi n’ibyo mu gikoni,..

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