Sangwa Job Training Center (SJTC) – a limited company

Sangwa Job Training Center (SJTC) is limited company registered under Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Code Number: 103550546. SJTC tries to eradicate poverty and youth unemployment by engaging the youth in creating productive employments through professional and vocational education and training. Thus professional and vocational education and training help to increase youth’s capabilities so that the youth become induced to start their own productive jobs.

Our Mission

Enabling the youth to acquire competencies in line with productivity and employability and engaging them in generating productive employments.


  1. To promote professional and vocational education and training aiming at job creation through service-oriented community programmes especially for the youth.
  2. To equip the youth with productivity and employability-enhancing skills.
  3. To support the youth to develop medium-size firms through incubation and cooperatives for meeting global and domestic demand.
  4. To enable the youth to become a major force of production of higher value added products and services both efficiently and competitively.
  5. To conduct research and development projects in line with employment creation and improvement of productive capacities especially for the youths.

Our Vision

Building knowledge based-communities

Productivity and youth employment is one of the Government of Rwanda’s (GoR, 2013) pillars as defined in its Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy II (EDPRS II). This strategy sets an ambitious goal to create 200,000 new employments per year for new entrants into the workforce. SJTC recognizes the role that community programmes can play in transforming the Rwandan citizen into skilled human capital for the socioeconomic development of the country. In fact, Rwanda’s Vision 2020 is to transform the country from an agrarian to a knowledge-based economy. Rwanda country cannot become a knowledge-based society without knowledge-based communities. Consequently, SJTC’s Vision is to build knowledge-based communities. The alignment of SJTC, EDPRS II and Rwanda’s Vision 2020 is clearly illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The interplay between SJTC, EDPRS II and Rwanda’s Vision 2020